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Saturday Mar 26, 2022

Is it intellect, biblical interpretation/doctrine, faith or these and something more that causes us to accept the concept of a miracle in one's life-change?

Saturday Jan 01, 2022

Even in the face of pandemics, loss, injustices and worse- the Christ-follower can indeed experience a genuine joy -and rightly so!

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

Old, new, hybrids... traditions are not themselves God -nor even our neighbor!

Monday Feb 22, 2021

Learning (still, yep:) lessons of good change, growing older, important and helpful lessons! -Glenn

Wednesday Oct 09, 2019

Either/or, both/and... He is faithful and nearer than your breath. -Glenn

Wednesday Jan 23, 2019

In our day (and plenty of history) "Christian culture" has meant many things to many people. What it is not is salvation -and at times, does not reflect the love, mercy or justice of Jesus...

Monday Apr 10, 2017

My God defines me- NOW. Past is not present though no denial of effects. Good Friday... then EASTER!

Wednesday Sep 10, 2014

There is a path to change and dare I say- victory. Christ and true Christ-followers are part of the way forward! How would I know? Am there, doing that :) -Glenn

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

They're all around us in larger cities, even smaller places... but we don't notice. Maybe we don't use them when we should? -Glenn

Sunday Apr 07, 2013

GK Podcast on suicide.

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